How to market Home Decor, Art and Handicrafts with e-commerce online marketplaces

India is one of the biggest markets for creativity as well as consumption of Home Decor, Handicrafts and Artefacts. The creativity of artists, small scale sector and home based creators is amazing and knows no boundary. The market is set to reach $40 Billion by 2026.

As every business and profession, the home decor and handicrafts industry also has its own structure and waves of demand, related to festivals and occasions, and which can also be seasonal across the year. Thus, the industry needs support to grow.

With a lot of participants being startups, small scale sector, individual skilled artisans and professionals, marketing budgets are limited, we need new avenues to build brand visibility and grow.

Let us look at some of the e-commerce platforms focussed on India as a market which can help the home decor industry participants find new customers.

One of the biggest platforms ever, Amazon Karagir is an initiative by Amazon to bring to the forefront the India’s rich handicraft heritage sourced locally from across the country, and in the process, provide the industry with a structured platform to reach out and be accessible to customers across the country and internationally. As a mega offer, you can start selling on Amazon with just 2% selling fees (T&C apply).

The platform aims to be a global maker to market enabler, with the objective to help artisans, entrepreneurs and creators in the niche of home decor, handicrafts and interiors be able to promote and sell their products through the platform. The platform also focusses on providing the best fair market prices possible to the creator, bringing equality to the community.

Fanusta has a focus on offering turnkey interior design, furniture, decor, lighting and other customized home decor solutions to clients, and in the process, works with select mix of creators and suppliers to bring ideas to life. They also have an e-commerce platform selling a range of home decor products across multiple categories like kitchen & dining, furniture, lighting, furnishing etc. This can be an opportunity for creators and professionals to tie-up with such platforms to find new customers.

Arty Owl is an online marketplace offering a wide range of handmade and handicraft products sourced from the community of creators. The platform is open to work with the entire home decor industry participants, and creators can use the platform to sell their products. Categories on the marketplace include Home Decor, foods, personal care, fashion, kids and Art.

The platform works with handicraft artisans and creators to source and promote a wide range of products globally through their website. The work profiled focusses on Ceramic, Terracotta, Wood and Brass. The product range available on the website includes Dining, Decor, Garden and Jewellery and lighting. This is a good opportunity for artisans to partner with such a platform and aim at promoting their range of creative work.

Megastores is an online marketplace offering artisans and creators the platform to sell their products and creativity globally under their own brand name. The marketplace covers categories across home decor, jewellery, furnishings, kitchenware and also fashion, offering entrepreneurs, local brands and artisans a wide opportunity to join the marketplace and grow their visibility and business.

The concept thus, is to 1) discover similar online marketplaces, platforms and Apps who cater to your niche of home decor, handicrafts and interiors, 2) approach them to create a sales partnership, 3) have your products and services listed on these marketplaces, 4) look at having your own brand visibility when listing your products and 5) deliver great quality when you get orders.

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